There may be occasions whenever one is not getting any hot water at all yet one is sure the water heater is definitely not needing to get replaced. Here are three points that Water Heater Repair Vancouver WA suggests checking first to check if they are the cause. All 3 are tasks that any homeowner could easily do, as well.

Vancouver Homeowner Things to Check When Not Getting Any Hot Water from the Water HeaterVancouver water heater repairs

First of all, check on the temperature setting on the water heater thermostat. In most cases, ones water heater is in a location of the house where there are not a lot of things which will take place, however it is a possibility that the thermostat has been knocked and unintentionally lowered. We have little children, and you can’t ever foresee what may happen. If it is set at a temperature below, around, 100 degrees, it got shifted. The normal setting is usually about 120 degrees.

While one remains around the water heater, check if the pilot light remains lit. It is a possibility that it has blown out and has to be reignited. In the event the pilot light has gone out, the water inside the storage tank will not be very hot for long. The majority of newer water heaters have a self ignition button that enable it to be simple to relight the water heater. If ones heater is not as new and needs to be “manually” relit, look at this video clip to learn how to do this:

Not to appear silly, but think if it is a possibility that the water storage tank is making an attempt to reheat water. If excessive hot water using products and appliances have just completed using, or are in the process of making use of hot water, the storage tank may need to catch up with the hot water requirement. In case this is a thing which goes on often in ones residence, the size of the present water heater most likely is not big enough for ones hot water preferences. We may help decide if a bigger storage tank is necessary. We can also share info regarding tankless water heaters to check if one would be a fine fit for the house.

In case one has an electric water heater set up in the house, we suggest checking to determine if the breaker got tripped. In the event that it’s been tripped, it can’t provide electricity to the water heater. If it’s been tripped for some time, the water inside the storage tank isn’t going to be really warm, and that is exactly the problem. If this is the issue, flip the breaker switch off, then switch it to the on position. Wait a few minutes to make sure it remains on and doesn’t trip itself yet again. If it does switch off just as before, give us a call to check out the reason it isn’t staying on.

There could be additional reasons for why the water heater may not be producing any hot water that we would need to look at, and are not items one needs to be examining for, because of safety reasons. While a relatively harmless and maintenance free house appliance, hot water heaters might be hazardous and need to only be taken care of by an expert plumber.